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Contact Us

You can contact us using the form or one of the contacts below.

Please give us 48 hours to respond to your request. If you haven’t heard back, we encourage you to follow up.

Email:  [email protected]


For any inquiries or questions related to awards, applications, or the Sports Gala, please contact:
Carol Hermansen, President
[email protected].

For any website related issues, please contact:
Rob McLeod, Digital Media Manager
[email protected].

For any media inquiries including a featured story request, please contact:
Ian Wilson, Content Manager
[email protected].

Executive Committee


Carol Hermansen

Vice President

Mark Kosak

Vice President

Tammy Cave

Vice President

Matt Kachur


Kathy Underhill


Brian Loach

Past President

Jon Jewell

Board of directors

  • Don Beamer
  • Mike Boyles
  • Don Buchignani
  • Rick Frey
  • Brent Gough
  • Myla Hodgins
  • Matt Kachur
  • Lawrence King
  • Brian Loach
  • Tyson Langelaar
  • Leon Nellissen
  • Dexter Nelson
  • Alexis Peters
  • Barb Prystai
  • Brooklyn McDougall
  • Brian Slot
  • Al Taylor
  • Kurtis Wasylyshen
  • Don Young
  • JR Smith

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