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Jack Setters

- 1972 Sportsperson of the Year -

Calgary’s “Mr. Hockey”, a man who has devoted all his life to every phase of the game; a man who has organized and established the Minor Hockey Association of Calgary to become one of the foremost operations of its kind in the country. This is Mr. Jack Setters, the man recognized by almost every minor hockey player in Calgary because he is so closely involved with every aspect of the minor hockey program.

And tonight the Calgary Booster Club takes great pride in recognizing Mr. Setters as Calgary’s 1972 Sportsperson of the Year.

Jack first became actively involved in Community sports in 1958 at the Glamorgan Association as a hockey coach. He quickly assumed other roles including referee, sports director, and house league coordinator in the ensuing years. Feeling he could relate more closely to the kids as a referee than a coach he has pursued that activity until the present.

In 1964 he was elected to the C.C.S.A. and from his coaching and refereeing experience began to implement changes in the organization. Among his contributions, which are far too many to list here, include the total reorganization of minor hockey into three levels of competition to allow boys to participate equally with others of the same capabilities. In 1968 Jack was elected president of the C.C.S.A. a position he held until last year. As a geophysicist with Hudson Bay Oil and Gas Company, Jack has been reputed to replace geophysical maps with schedule plans and ‘borrow’ the company’s computer to program the more than 2500 minor hockey games scheduled each winter. But although hockey has been his most beloved interest golf, fastball, and Little League baseball have also received his revival remedy. A sports enthusiast from his early years in his native Alix, Alberta, through high school in Red Deer, and later the University of Alberta where he was graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, Jack earned a name for himself as an athlete in hockey, football, track, and golf. His golfing prowess continues today as he actively pursues the game both as a player, and along with his wife, Joyce, organize, supervise, and teach the Junior Golf program at the Earl Grey Golf Club. His sons, Mike (21) and Jim (18) are also active sports participants. Jack’s youth activities have not been confined totally to sports. He taught Sunday School at St. Marks’ Church and was assistant Club leader to his wife for a number of years. Relaxation is a rare word in the Setters’ household, but Jack and Joyce manage to find time to bowl in a mixed five pin league once a week. Sportsperson of the Year, a fitting honor to a man who has dedicated himself to Calgary’s minor sports. The Calgary Booster club joins with the citizens of Calgary in saying, “Thank You, Mr. Jack Setters”.