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Tom Cheney

- 1974 Sportsperson of the Year -

Tom Cheney is a native Calgarian, who graduated from Western Canada High and Commercial where he participated in football and track.

After serving with the Canadian Army for 3 years during World War II he began his officiating career in 1946 in the sport of hockey.

In 1951 Tom changed over to football officiating for keeps. Beginning as a junior high school official, he progressed through the ranks working junior, university and ultimately the CFL in 1957. Tom has been a “head man” in the CFL since 1970.

As well as officiating Tom Cheney has been very active in the Calgary Football Officials Association, having served on this organization’s executive in various capacities including president and executive-secretary ever since 1953. Presently Tom serves as a Director of the Officials Association, involved mainly in the rating of junior officials.


Tom has also represented the Association on the Harry Hood Memorial Trophy Committee ever since its inception.

Although Tom was an active curler in the past, even serving as president of the North Hill Curling Club some 10 years ago, his entire life is now devoted to his position with Revenue Canada, whom he has been employed with for the past 28 years, presently as the Public Information Officer, and football officiating.

Tom Cheney approaches both loves with equal intensity and competency. He spends countless hours reviewing foot¬ball films, clipping “key plays” and infractions, in order to improve the football officiating in Calgary through well-prepared clinics, not only for the officials but also for high school coaches and players.

Tom and his charming wife, Marjorie, have made their home in the Renfrew district for the past several years.

Tom Cheney is a self-acclaimed “sports nut” and the Booster Club is proud to add his name to the distinguished list of former Sportsperson of the Year.