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St. Mary’s

- Father Pat Gallagher Memorial Award -

About Father Gallagher

Father Gallagher came to Calgary in 1967 after teaching for several years in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Lethbridge. He taught chemistry and religious studies at St. Mary’s High School for 19 years and finished his last year at St. Francis High School in 1987. From there he went to Immaculate High School in Kelowna, BC, where he served as Chaplain and coached the cross country and track teams. Since 1999 he has been at St. Mary’s Church in Owen Sound, Ontario, where he continues to remain active. Father Gallagher was the track & field chairman in Calgary from 1968 until 1971 and this is where he began his illustrious career organizing cross country meets for the CSHSAA. His philosophy in setting up courses at River Park, Glenmore Park, Capitol Hill and Confederation Park was to accurately measure and mark a course with a mixture of hills and flat areas that led through some wooded parts, but always keeping in mind the spectators and competitors. He was the organizer that first came up with name tags from the Canadian Natural Gas Company for individual and team identification and the white boards for quickly and accurately placing the tags on the proper spaces represented by the runners’ finishing position. Within a few minutes of each race, all results were posted for everyone to see.

Father Gallagher also organized several Provincial High School Cross Country Meets in Calgary for the CSHSAA. He coached cross country and track & field all 19 years he was at St. Mary’s and won 1 City Championship in track and several in cross country. Father Gallagher was also a chaperone for many of the Calgary teams that travelled to Provincial Championships during the 70’s and 80’s.

Father Gallagher is a gentleman who promoted good sportsmanship amongst schools and always showed up with well trained and well coached teams. This award has been named in his honour.

Honoured Recipients

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