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Sport Legacy Fund

Thanks for attending the Calgary Booster Club’s 68th annual Sports Gala at WinSport. And thanks for using the QR code to meet us here.

This is a special message about our future — and how, with your generosity, the Calgary Booster Club can do even more for our athletes.

* What you ALREADY know:

That, for nearly 70 years, we have celebrated sports achievement and community excellence.

Through endowments, grants, scholarships and tributes, the accomplishments of athletes, the contributions of volunteers, the leadership of local go-getters, are recognized.

* What you SHOULD know:

That we award over $100,000 every year.

There is no denying the impact of our financial helping hand. Competing at the Beijing Games, for instance, were 14 athletes who had received support from their friends at the Calgary Booster Club.

We take great pride in our humble presence in the lives of up-and-coming athletes.

* What you NEED to know:

 That we are itching to do more — much, much more.

With your contributions we can. If $100,000 enhances the sporting landscape, imagine the upside of doubling or tripling that annual contribution.

There is no better landing spot for donation than the Calgary Booster Club.

The Sport Legacy Fund was created in conjunction with the Parks Foundation Calgary in 2019 to award and recognize Calgary’s athletic community.  Tax receipts are available for donations.  Please follow this link, Sport Legacy Fund – Calgary Booster Club to make a donation.