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Sport Legacy Fund

For decades the Calgary Booster Club has supported and recognized programs that showcase the best of Calgary’s athletes and sports leaders.

This has been accomplished through fund raisers such as the Sportsperson of the Year Dinner, casinos, and bingo.

This has resulted in such worthwhile ventures such as the Art Smith Amateur Sport Legacy Fund for high performance athletes and the Bob Freeze Sport Grant for athletes 16 and younger.

A brand new fund is now upon us – the Calgary Booster Club Sport Legacy Fundcreated to provide stable future grants, scholarships and recogrnition programs to support our very best prospects. This new fund was created in conjunction with the Parks Foundation Calgary and will provide tax receipts for donors and ensures that Calgary’s sport legacies will thrive for decades to come. 

Be part of Calgary’s sporting future.

To Donate, please click on the button below. Under Project List, please select “Calgary Booster Club Sport Legacy Fund”.