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Fundraising BBQ

Sport’s foothold in the community is well-established, its reach undeniable. Recognizing the reach, the Calgary Booster Club appreciates the positive impact of sport on social, mental, and physical well-being.

Remembering Doug Mitchell

Mitchell’s memorial service is set for Thursday, Sept. 8, at the Jack Singer Concert Hall (225 8th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB). The tribute begins at 2 p.m.

Hot-handed Golfer Earns 2021 Athlete Of The Year

Not only did Riley Fleming get married in 2021, he enjoyed a splendid stretch on the golf course, winning several events, including the PGA Championship of Canada. “I’ve never been more proud.” The Airdrie native, as the Calgary Booster Club’s male athlete of the year, lays claim to the Scott-Mamini Memorial Award.

2021 Athlete of the Year Voting

As we finalize the voting for our 2021 Athletes of the Year, we wanted to hear from you.

[Note: The award reflects the 2021 calendar year. For instance, the Toyko Olympics count; the Beijing Olympics do not.]

Daniel Lavoie – Harry Hood Winner – Division 2

Photos courtesy Daniel Lavoie and Coral Lukaniuk. A long-time lacrosse player, Daniel Lavoie was eager to expand his horizons when he got to high school. So, as a Grade 10 student at Crescent Heights, he considered his sporting options. “This is funny,” recalled Lavoie. “I was about to try out for the volleyball team when I saw a couple of my buddies going to the… Read More »Daniel Lavoie – Harry Hood Winner – Division 2

Luke Bednarek – Harry Hood Winner – Division 3

Photos courtesy Luke Bednarek and Josh Knude. If you’re looking for Luke Bednarek, don’t bother checking the sidelines. Because when Bishop Carroll High School is engaged in a game of football, the youngster rarely gets — or wants — a breather. If the Cardinals have the ball, Bednarek operates as a receiver. When the defence takes to the field, he doesn’t budge. Because he also… Read More »Luke Bednarek – Harry Hood Winner – Division 3