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Dr. Lou Goodwin

- 1977 Sportsperson of the Year -

As a contributor to amateur athletics and to community activities. Dr. Lou Goodwin has no peer. Born the son of a miner in Bellevue, Alberta, Dr. Goodwin excelled in track and field, hockey, baseball, boxing and gymnastics during his school years. In 1945, Dr. Goodwin joined the Calgary branch of the Faculty of Education (in those days an extension of the University of Alberta) where he was the entire physical education staff. He coached the men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams and the men’s hockey team as well as instructing the physical education classes for all the students in the school and directing the intramural programs. Dr. Goodwin has been the major architect in the development of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Physical Education, but he suggests that any success he has achieved is only the result of his ability to attract excellent people to work with him. “This has been my strength and now I’m basking in their reflected light”, is the way he puts it.

During his career. Dr. Goodwin has served as President of the Canada West University Athletic Association and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union. He held five two-year terms as an elected member of the Calgary Public School Board including acting as Chairman of that Board for an unprecedented five years and has also held three two-year terms as a City of Calgary alderman. He is a former director and president of the Booster Club. In 1967 he was presented with the Canada Medal as recognition for his participation in community activities. After 30 years as the top physical education man at the University of Calgary, Dr. Goodwin is resigning as Dean this year in order that he can devote the next two years to ‘getting back to the classroom’ as a teaching professor.

The Booster Club is very proud to add the name of Dr. Lou Goodwin to the distinguished list of Sportsperson of the Year.