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Crescent Heights

- Nev Anderson Memorial Award -

About Nev

Nev Anderson started his teaching career at Crescent Height High School as a physical education teacher and PE Department Head. In his 13 years there he coached football, basketball, rugby, wrestling and swimming, and produced many outstanding athletes and teams. He then moved on to Queen Elizabeth High School as an Assistant Principal, where he coached girls basketball, football and his favourite sport-rugby. After 4 years he moved to his final school, Ernest Manning, as an Assistant Principal and continued his illustrious coaching career with football and girls basketball. After 10 years at Ernest Manning and 27 years with the Calgary Board of Education, he retired in 1994 and now lives in the Windermere Valley in BC, where he is pursuing his latest passion of golf. Nev and his brother Dave (another Calgary teacher) were instrumental in getting rugby into the CSHSAA in 1974 as a recognized sport, after trying relentlessly for 5 years to convince the powers that be that this was indeed a valuable addition to high school athletics.

Honoured Recipients

Starting in the 2016/17 school year, the scholarship awards program was revised, and each award was assigned to a specific school; to be awarded at the school, based on criteria set by the school. Additional scholarship awards were created at this time, so that all CSHSAA member schools had an award assigned to them to award to their students.

Previous Honoured Recipients

  • 2015-16 – Madeleine Browne, Sir Winston Churchill
  • 2014-15 – Laura Petrillo, Sir Winston Churchill
  • 2013-14 – Rachel Cowitz, Western Canada
  • 2012-13 – Kimberley Owen, Sir Winston Churchill
  • 2011-12 – Jacqueline Dubreuil, Western Canada
  • 2010-11 – Kati-Anne Zemp, Bowness
  • 2009-10 – Bailey Komishke, St. Francis
  • 2008-09 – Stephanie McCusker, Bishop McNally
  • 2007-08 – Juliana Langen, St. Mary’s
  • 2006-07 – Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hardy, St. Francis
  • 2005-06 – Kimberly Gould, Western Canada
  • 2004-05 – Nicole House, Lester B. Pearson
  • 2003-04 – Samantha Zanini, St. Francis
  • 2002-03 – Tanya Boiteau, St. Francis
  • 2001-02 – Not Awarded (Labour Unrest)
  • 2000-01 – Sarah Zanini, St. Francis