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Scott Cruickshank

Fencer Rolls Up Her Sleeves, Hones A New Skillset

Despite having never once operated a power saw or a drill, Olympic Fencer Alanna Goldie is determined to build her own custom camper van. With a competitive season that can last much of the year, having an off-season release is crucial, helping ensure she can continue competing at a high level.

Daniel Lavoie – Harry Hood Winner – Division 2

Photos courtesy Daniel Lavoie and Coral Lukaniuk. A long-time lacrosse player, Daniel Lavoie was eager to expand his horizons when he got to high school. So, as a Grade 10 student at Crescent Heights, he considered his sporting options. “This is funny,” recalled Lavoie. “I was about to try out for the volleyball team when I saw a couple of my buddies going to the… Read More »Daniel Lavoie – Harry Hood Winner – Division 2

Luke Bednarek – Harry Hood Winner – Division 3

Photos courtesy Luke Bednarek and Josh Knude. If you’re looking for Luke Bednarek, don’t bother checking the sidelines. Because when Bishop Carroll High School is engaged in a game of football, the youngster rarely gets — or wants — a breather. If the Cardinals have the ball, Bednarek operates as a receiver. When the defence takes to the field, he doesn’t budge. Because he also… Read More »Luke Bednarek – Harry Hood Winner – Division 3

Tieso Piscionieri – Harry Hood Winner – Division 1

Photos courtesy Michelle Doepker and Tieso Piscionieri. When it comes to football, no one is left guessing about the depth of Tieso Piscionieri’s passion. When his father Frank took him to McMahon Stadium for his first live look at the Calgary Stampeders, the little boy was unmistakably hooked. Taking note, Dad forked out for season tickets. When Piscionieri suited up for the first time —… Read More »Tieso Piscionieri – Harry Hood Winner – Division 1

Phelps Insists He Has Even More To Offer Local Scene

The old coach is perched on the edge of a patio chair in the meticulously maintained backyard of the Marlborough home that he and his wife Rita have owned for 52 years. Leaning forward, Don Phelps tells his visitor that retirement is leaving him a tad stale. Sure, there’s the garden, which features a koi pond, to oversee. The two-car garage he built is pin… Read More »Phelps Insists He Has Even More To Offer Local Scene

Coach Reflects on a Lifetime of Giving Back

A bright lad, he starts school a year early. Then, continuing to show academic promise, he skips a grade in elementary school. Everything about the situation, according to Lawrence King, works well. “Till I got to junior high.” There, at least two years younger than everybody else, he becomes a target. Smart but immature, he is relentlessly picked on. Chased home after school. Beat up.… Read More »Coach Reflects on a Lifetime of Giving Back

Determined Slider Works Herself into Position for Beijing Bid

Till the age of 18, figure skating served as her go-to sport. She enjoyed it, despite realizing she would never rise above the club level. No matter. Because all the while, Grace Dafoe had a hunch that something else would one day enter her athletic orbit. Meaning she was always on the look-out. And other activities did pique her interest. At a Canada’s Sports Hall… Read More »Determined Slider Works Herself into Position for Beijing Bid

Hodgson Taking HEROS Program To The Next Level

Earlier this year, Kevin Hodgson won the prestigious Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award, given annually by the NHL to an individual who – through the sport of hockey – has positively impacted his or her community, culture or society.

Rower Overcomes Adversity to Land Olympic Gold Medal

Forty days before the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremonies, Canadian Rower Kasia Gruchalla-Wesierski fractured her collarbone during a freak bike accident. Not only did Kasia recover in time to compete with the Women’s eight boat, she also won gold.